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We are frontiers for bleeding edge stack and embrace technology. Call our Ninjas for on site development, on demand development, Adhoc Development, Training, Partnership, Blockchain, Enterprise and Industrial Software Development. We specialize in Angular React Web, Desktop, and Mobile, Angular js, react nativescript, angular, android, iOS, Web.

Techrangle has years of experience providing high-quality consulting and development services for market segments with strong demand for advanced technology apps. We make brands, not just apps by creating the ideas, platforms, products, and experiences that help progressive brands thrive.

Industries we specialize in


Created Stunning Web Application Solution for Real Estate Brokerage

crypto currency


Blockchain Technology platform from Rilcoin

Let's talk about your project!

real estate projects

Incredible design solutions for upcoming real estate projects

universal city condos
the bennett condos
kingsway river condo
url condos waterloo
ev royal
save max real estate
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