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Exclusive Interview - with Andrew Perrie Revel Realty Inc.

Hello readers!! We're really excited to inform you that we had an amazing interview session with Andrew Perrie, Director of Recruitment of Revel Realty Inc. . As we are all aware how the real estate market has been impacted by the pandemic, however, brokerages have still managed to stay strong even in this unprecedented time, Revel Realty Inc. is one of them.

During these unprecedented times, most of the businesses are struggling to find the best marketing agency as their listings are getting affected, they are unable to maintain the flow of leads, get more clients and retain them for longer. To achieve all this, they need to have an impressive website as branding is of the utmost importance for running the business successfully.

When asked how Revel Realty is coping with quarantine times, and how Andrew got started in the business, Andrew Perrie, Director of Recruitment of Revel Realty Inc., shared his views saying, he decided that he needed a change in his life while he was working for an American corporate company. That's when he got into real estate and it's been a dream job ever since. Like any other real estate brokerage, Revel has also experienced variety of challenges during the COVID-19 times, such as a drop in market activity, adapting to physical distancing requirements, attaining new business and fostering our current client base and