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Exclusive Interview with Mark Salerno - Salerno Realty Inc.

Hello readers! 😊 Here we are with another amazing interview session with Mark Salerno, Realtor at Salerno Realty Inc. We really hope you'll enjoy this session as much as you enjoyed the last one. 😊

Salerno Realty Inc., located in Vaughan’s Kleinburg Village, Ontario and founded by Mark Salerno, is an exceptional boutique brokerage which lists multi-million luxury properties for its clients with an excellent team committed to provide customer satisfaction so as to establish lifelong connections with them.

The brokerage has so far succeeded in providing great value to its clients. Let's take a look at some of the reviews from their clients:

"When I first contacted Mark, my house was on the market for almost a year. I asked Mark if he can replicate his success of selling a home in 6 days - he set a new goal because my house was sold firm in one day."
"Mark is a mastermind - he has surrounded himself with a team who constantly raises the bar of excellence. They are able to do this because they love what they are doing. Mark is always available and he and his team makes me feel like I am the only client they have."
"The experience we had working with Mark to sell our house and purchase our next home was by far the best experience we've had with a realtor. We were nervous about the uncertainty and timing of buying and selling, but Mark made the entire process seamless. He exhibited the utmost professionalism and went above and beyond our expectations in every way."

Here, let's read about the spectacular realtor, whose prime focus is to create an experience that is truly the best for all his clients, Mark Salerno interview session with Techrangle Director, Riju Vashisht. 😊

Riju: "Hi Mark, welcome to our Monday Exclusive blog for successful realtors? How are you?"
Mark: "Hello Riju! I'm doing great. Thank you for having me."
Riju: "Great! Can you tell us something about your company as well as your achievements so far?"
Mark: "Sure. I have been in the real estate market for over 15 years and been selling mainly in Vaughan area, GTA but we also sell all over Ontario. I have facilitated over $500 million of real estate transactions and we have been in the top 80 realtors in Ontario for the past 2 years based on MLS reported sold listings. Real estate have always been very close to my heart since my father, Mario Salerno used to be in this business. I feel blessed to be able to carry forward my father’s legacy and brokerage firm – Salerno Realty Inc. from when he founded it 1970s. June 19th marks a special date this years as we celebrate our 50 years anniversary of the company. We deal with all types of real estate business, anything from a small lease to a million dollar home and we do everything from home inspections, marketing the home, staging, selling, leasing, etc. I’m personally a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and have built a strong social media personality as a realtor. My goal is to one day make Salerno Realty the top real estate brokerage in Ontario."
Riju: "How you differentiate yourself from others? What exceptional services do you provide?"
Mark: "One thing that makes me stand out from other realtors is definitely my commitment to this business. I basically work from the moment I open my eyes to my eyes shut down. I take my job very seriously. Our exceptional services that we provide are everything and anything at our expense to assist the selling, buying or leasing process."
Riju: "How someone can start working with you when someone is looking to buy their dream home? What is your day like?"
Mark: "Well, 100% of our clients are either referrals or know us from social media. They know that we are providing 5-star services to our clients by working ethically and respectfully. My day is me hustling from morning to night, 7 days in a week. I wake up to real estate text messages, emails, phone calls and it doesn’t stop until the day ends. During the week we have on average 5 listing appointments that we check out, not saying that we take all listings that are available."
Riju: What's your selling point? Can you share a brief description of your services?"
Mark: "We sell everything from leases, commercial properties, and multi-million homes. My particular focus and preference is towards high-end luxury homes. Since we are a boutique brokerage, our team is dedicated to all aspects of real estate."
Riju: "What has been your favorite selling experience?"
Mark: "Best part of selling real estate is to see the genuine happiness and enjoyment on my clients face after the deal goes through. Every deal is different and special and seeing their excitement and care level motivates me as a realtor. And that is the part that makes me enjoy real estate the most because for every deal that goes through I get to witness the emotional journey and the valuable meaning it has for families selling or buying their homes. The gratifying and most memorable selling experience I had was when I sold a 5.5 million mansion that everyone thought I wouldn’t be able to sell at that particular price. We had exactly 63 showings and I remember going to every single of them. Not giving up. It was an amazing feeling to pull this deal through."
Riju: "What are the challenges you face as a Realtor? Identification of challenges as a business?"
Mark: "The biggest challenges as a realtor is to set realistic expectations with sellers and trying to please everyone. We do out best in meeting expectation, apart from that there are no other forms of challenges we face."
Riju: "What is your current take on the Market? Market conditions? Supply Demands other variables?"
Mark: "The market is currently on fire and the market conditions are great. There is definitely enough housing for all buyers out there even though the world is experiencing a pandemic."
Riju: "How an agent can survive in current conditions? Do you have any helpful unbiased tips?"
Mark: "All agents went silent as soon as COVID-19 hit. They thought they shouldn’t put themselves out there, which is understandable. We did the opposite; we put ourselves out there online and made ourselves as available as we could, keeping in mind everyone’s safety and health. We definitely took advantage of our social media platform to connect with people and trying our best to stay on top of mind."
Riju: "How do you feel about market Post-COVID especially? COVID related precautions advise?"
Mark: "Business is as usual, and we are taking extra precautions and safety measures in making sure everyone follows special protocols by wearing masks and gloves."
Riju: "Can you help other agents? If yes, how?"
Mark: "I think I help other agents and their clients all the time; I offer free valuable information advice when asked to. I am a transparent realtor and strongly believe that all information should be out there. I would help anyone out with any real estate advice that they may need, even if they are not my own clients. We are always there for people, and not afraid in helping other realtors because at the end of the day, that is how we all grow professionally."
Riju: "If readers want to gain some knowledge and perspective about real estate how they can approach you, such as, New investors, FSBOs, and new agents."
Mark: "They can check out my social media profiles, website, YouTube channels, I post a lot of important updates and valuable information there. Basically someone should be able to make a decision of hiring me without meeting me in person because I am like an open book, transparent with all information online."
Riju: "What are the differences you believe in a revenue generation strategy instead of sales strategies or marketing strategies?"
Mark: "We have an annual sales volume goal that we strive for as team. I never look at a deal focusing on the commission."
Riju: "Describe your most challenging project so far. How did you deal with it?"
Mark: "The most challenging and exciting real estate project that I have dealt with is probably the same luxury mansion that people told me I wouldn’t be able to sell. I don’t give up easily and I always try out different marketing techniques to reach out to the right clients."
Riju: "Do you feel technology is beneficial for selling homes as opposed to the traditional real estate view?"
Mark: "Yes, 100% I have been active on Facebook since day one starting in 2007. Social media is free and you can reach masses quickly. The same goes for Instagram and TikTok, you have to stay active and engage with people online. So far we have 3 videos on TikTok that made over 1 million views."
Riju: "How do you use the internet and social media to sell homes?"
Mark: "Look at our profiles. We use it every single day, and we always try to create as much valuable content as possible. We create our own content and only showcase our own listings online, unlike other realtors in the GTA that copy other luxury listings from California houses and share it on their profiles."
Riju: "How do assist first time home buyers, if yes, then how?"
Mark: "Yes, we work with first time homebuyers. It is extremely important to make sure they understand the process and guiding them in the right direction. The more information we provide them with, the better, well-educated decision they will be able to make with a big life decision."
Riju: "How did you become successful in your business?"
Mark: "You have to be transparent and show your clients exactly what you do. There are no secrets and we want people who don’t know us to know that we do provide red carpet service for out clients. There is no cut corners or cut of deals. We are always available for out clients at any time of the day and we always answer our phones."
Riju: "Any knowledgeable words for fellow realtors and upcoming salespeople?"
Mark: "Never tell anyone “no problem”, instead you should say “with my pleasure” when someone thank you for helping them out. That way you don’t imply that there was a problem in the first place, and instead you show them that you are more than happy to do the work for them."
Riju: "That's really phenomenal Mark! We really appreciate you for sharing your valuable experience for us to educate our readers about the current market and its trends. Take care! It was nice talking to you."


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