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Exclusive interview with Josh Cheema - Realtor at Right at Home Realty Inc.

"Hello readers! 😊 Here we are with yet another amazing interview session with Josh Cheema, Real Estate Agent at Right at Home Realty Inc. We really hope you'll enjoy this session as much as you enjoyed the last one". 😊

Josh Cheema is a committed real estate professional who focuses on delivering quality. He believes that the most important part of any property purchase is providing the best experience to the clients.

His core principles include spreading positivity, motivate others to take actions and work with like-minded individuals to create real estate wealth!

Josh has so far succeeded in providing great value to its clients. Let's have a look at some of the reviews from his clients:

Now, let's dive into the amazing session between realtor Josh Cheema & Techrangle Director, Riju Vashisht. 😊

Riju: "Hi Josh, welcome to our Exclusive interview session for successful realtors? How are you?"
Josh: "Hi Riju, I'm doing well. We are in a dynamic market and markets are shifting on day by day basis. Making sure I am on top of every aspect, so I can deliver the best value to my clients."
Riju: "How you differentiate yourself from others? What exceptional services do you provide to your clients?"
Josh: "My Mindset: I aspire to be my clients' real estate advisor for life. Here are some of the key Unique Value Propositions (UVP):
Customer Service: I am in the business of customer service with passion for real estate. Independent of the type of client, I give my 120% to ensure clients get what they are looking for while getting educated in the whole process.
One Stop Shop: We work as one stop shop for our clients including Mortgage, Buy/Sell, Invest, Renovate, Build, Inspection, and more.
Knowledge: From Buying/Selling to real estate advisory, achieving long term retirement/target utilizing real estate, build cost to zoning, current marketing prices to upcoming market conditions, rental potentials, I cover everything.
Honesty: I strongly believe that honesty is the key to real estate success. So, I ensure to keep transparency while dealing with my clients."

We really hope that you guys loved our exclusive interview session with Josh Cheema.

Disclaimer:- If you have any concerns and query or you find any information which is incorrect please email us at


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